Acceptinng beginners'class Students
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Japan Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
Committee of Education by Correspondence (beginners'class)Technical course of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Period @5 months
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@"primary standard text for refrigeration and air conditioning"@
Bergain price for students from the catalog price \4,300
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Learning items
1.Refrigerating machine
refrigeration and heat pump,vapor compression refrigeration cycle and p-h diagram, Absorption refrigeration cycle,compressor,condenser,evaporator,cooling tower,refrigerant,refrigeration oil
motors,control equipment,security of refrigeration system,operation and peace preservation of refrigerating machine
2.Air conditioning
outline of air-conditioning,psychrometric chart,air-conditioning load,air-conditioning systems
ducts and piping,air-conditioning equipment
3. Freezing /Refrigerating of foods
refrigeration of food,thawing,refrigerator,show-case,freezing equipment and thawing equipment

About the leaning

 @Leaning methods,in which above items are easily learned in incremental steps till the end of the final fifth course,are taken.
Basic items such as the refrigeration cycle and so on are often set an examination paper in related examinations.
Therefore,these basic items are planned to study in each time. For applicants,text and correct problems will be sent before the beginning of this course.
For five months period of this course,coachers will give students aset of problems monthly,collect the answer of them,correct and rate them and return to the students.
It might be possible to utilize this course as one of training courses for company or freshmen.
For students,who complete this course in determined period,certificate will be given.
Additionally,for students who complete this course in the excellent result,which is determined in another rules,necessary period of actual work experience,which is qualification of candidacy for efirst-class examination of refrigeration and air-conditioning',will be shortened to two years.

Application Method
 After filling-in the below application form,please pay the course charge by the registered mail for cash or pay it to the following bank account. In case of remittance through bank,please send the copy of the remittance receipt with the application form to JSRAE by FAX or mailing.

Application page(in Japanese)
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