Corp.JSRAE Certification SYSTEM
Refrigeration and air-conditioning Technologist

@In the midst of the fast-moving age of technical innovation, How are you going to devote yourself to your continuous study, being busy with every day tasks, but, W hy don't you think receiving certifications to earn the trust of customers and companies will surely reach improvement of yourself,
@Qualification of the"refrigeration and Air-conditioning Technologist2"certified by this society has been received recognition in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning for along time and@already more than 3000technologistsare playing an active part in the various fields. In the@course of@security preservation@of high pressure, the first order technologist is@officially recognized@as "special examiner" and "equipment examiner" that is@necessary during equipment design.
@Setting the@High@Pressure@Gas@safety@Institute of@Japan as organizing body,4 organizations such as this society(JSRAE), JRAIA(Japan Association of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association),and JRARAC(Japan Association of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Contractors) are organizing collaborated self security preservation system, and are requesting that business places, dealing with engineering works of refrigeration and air-conditioning must have persons who have certifications as the first condition of approval: first order technologist for all the equipment of more than 3tons or second order technologist or for equipment of from 3tons and less than 20 tons. Persons are approved as safety administrator through the examination performed by the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan.
@This certification is open for every person who is working in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning , not depending on the kind of works(such as planning, design, manufacturing, engineering work, maintenance), Preparatory Lecture course is prepared for persons who are good at practical business, but are not good at taking test, every year Examination pass rate of persons who have taken this course is showing pretty high level.
The examination of the "refrigeration and air-conditioning technologist" are scheduled on February (Sunday) every year. Simultaneously nation wide

Preparatory Lecture Course for the Examination

February, ( for 3 days)
Subject, time Lecture
First day
refrigeration cycle and Compressor, Heat Transfer, Heat exchangers, Design calculations about refrigerating system
Second day
Automatic Control, Function of Auxilialycomponents, refrigerant, refrigerant oil, brain and refrigerant pipes
Strength of Pressure Vessel and Security preservation, Maintenance
Third day
OutlineofAirConditioning,pcychrometricChart,Air-ConditioningLoad, Air-Conditioning System, Pipes and Duct, Equipment for Air-Conditioning
Participation fee: Members\25,000(individualmember of sponser,or co-sponser organization, ,company employee
Non- members\30,000
the Perticipation fee and price of Text include tax.
Text: Advanced Level Standard Text "Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning technology" Refrigeration Volume and Air-Conditioning Volume \7200(2 volumes special price for students Be published in November of Heisei 18 (2006) as Revised new edition,in separate volume): Mailing cost\520
Please be aware of that To attend a class you need texts- Refrigeration Volume and Air-Conditioning Volume
Refrigeration Volume: Revised Edition in November of Heisei 18 (2006)
Air-Conditioning Volume:RevisedEdition in November of Heisei 18 (2006)
Application Method: Please send participation fee, Text fee(if nessesarry ,with mailing cost and application form (Please be sure to answer in Japanese altogether.) by the registered mail for cash., In return we will send you a participation ticket, a receipt and guide map of the site
Please note that the participation fee will be non-repayable
Application place: (TOKYO)160-0008 Sanei-building 8-banchi,-Sanei-cho ,Shinjyuku-ku,Tokyo Corp.JapanSociety of refrigeration and Air Conditioning Enginrees
 (OSAKA) 541-10054,S|R|UCMinamihonmachi,Chuou-ku,Osaka-shi ( inside of Osaka-fu Commerce building) KinkiRefrigeration and Air-conditionig Industry Association
 (NAGOYA)460-0022,2-7-6, kanayama,naka-ku,Nagoya-shi ( living ware development center) Chubu Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association
 (FUKUOKA) 812-0013, 1-11-15, hakata station higashi, hakata-ku, fukuoka-shi east building of the Hakata station West Japan refrigeration and Air-conditioning IndustryAssociation

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